Publications: Philosophy

Selected peer-reviewed publications


         Kant and the Possibility of Transcendental Freedom

Kant Studien, 2021, 112(3), 343-371


Reality in-itself and the Ground of Causality

Kantian Review, 2019, 24(2), 197-222


Space as Form of Intuition and as Formal Intuition:

On the Note to B160 in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason

Philosophical Review, 2015, Vol. 124(1), pp. 1-58 (with Dennis Schulting)


Immanuel Kant: On Kästner’s Treatises

Kantian Review, 2014, (Translations with Dennis Schulting) Vol. 19(2), pp. 305-313


Kant, Kästner and the distinction between metaphysical and geometric space

Kantian Review, 2014, (with Dennis Schulting) Vol. 19(2), pp. 285-304


Moral worth and inclinations in Kantian ethics

Kant Studies Online, 2011


Kant’s conception of self as subject and its embodiment

Kant Yearbook, 2010, Vol. 2, pp. 147-174


Reconstructing the grounding of Kant’s ethics: a critical assessment

Kant Studien, 2009, Vol. 100, No 4, pp. 496-517


Critical Notice of Galen Strawson’s ‘Consciousness and its Place in Nature’

Journal of Mind and Behavior, 2009, Vol. 30, No 1-2, pp. 79-92


Property dualism, epistemic normativity and the limits of Naturalism

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 2008, Vol. 76 (1), pp. 60-85


Stigmergic Epistemology, Stigmergic Cognition

Cognitive Systems Research, 2008,(with Leslie Marsh), Vol. 9, pp. 136-149


Kant’s grounding of morality in the fact of reason

Cuadernos de Anuario Filosofico, ed. J.M. Torralba, 2005, 174, pp.157-168


A framework for the derivation and reconstruction of the Categorical Imperative

Kant Studien, 1998, Vol. 89, No 4, pp. 410-427


Contributions to books


        The Third Antinomy’s Cosmological Problem and Transcendental Idealism

The Court of Reason. Akten des 13ten Internationalen Kant Kongresses (Oslo, 6-9 August 2019), ed. C. Serck-Hanssen, Berlin: de Gruyter, 2021, pp. 597-606


        The Role of Regulative Principles and Their Relation to Reflective Judgement

The Philosophy of Gary Banham, ed. Alberto Vanza, 2020, London Routledge, pp. 101-130


         Kant’s resolution of the Third Antinomy and Contemporary Determinisn

Nature and Freedom. Akten des 12ten Internationalen Kant Kongresses (Vienna, 9/21/2015–9/25/2015), ed. Violetta L. Waibel and Margit Ruffing, Berlin, 2018, Vol 2, pp. 1107-1116


        Antinomie, Dialektik, Kausalität, Wahrheit (four separate entries to Lexicon)

Kleines Kant Lexikon, ed. Larissa Berger & Elke Elisabeth Schmidt, 2018, Wilhelm Fink Verlag, pp. 114-116, 130-1, 183-4, 268-9 (with Larissa Berger)


         Is there room for non-conceptual content in Kant’s critical philosophy?

Kantian Nonceptualism, ed. D. Schulting, 2016, London: Palgrave, pp. 199-226


        Drawing on Sartre’s Ontology to Interpret Kant’s Notion of Freedom

Comparing Kant and Sartre, ed. Sorin Baiasu, 2016, London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 77-111


        Kant’s lectures on physics and the development of the critical philosophy

Reading Kant’s Lectures, ed. Robert R. Clewis, 2015, Berlin: de Gruyter, pp. 461-483


        The cost of discarding intuition: Russell’s paradox as Kantian antinomy

Kant and Philosophy in a Cosmopolitan Sense. Akten des 11ten Internationalen Kant Kongresses, ed. C. de la Rocca, Berlin: de Gruyter, 2013, Vol 5,  pp.171-184


        Sartre’s Understanding of the Self

Jean-Paul Sartre: Key Concepts, ed. Steven Churchill and Jack Reynolds, 2013, London: Continuum Press, pp.32-43


        Kantian Normativity in Rawls, Korsgaard and Continental Practical Philosophy

Continuum Companion to Kant, ed. G. Banham, D. Schulting, N. Hems, 2012, London: Continuum Press, ISBN: 9781441112576, pp.317-322


        Existentialism, Metaphysics and Ontology

Continuum Companion to Existentialism, ed. J. Reynolds, A. Woodward, F. Joseph, 2011, London: Continuum Press, ISBN 0826438458, pp.39-61


Thinking the in-itself and its relation to appearances

Kant’s Idealism. New Interpretations of a Controversial Doctrine, eds. D. Schulting & J. Verburgt, 2010, Berlin: Springer, pp. 211-236


Death and the Sense of Self

Dying, Assisted Death and Mourning, ed. A. Kasher, 2009, Amsterdam: Rodopi, pp. 33-50


Class-theoretic paradoxes and the neo-Kantian discarding of intuition

An Anthology of Philosophical Studies, ed. P. Hanna, Athens: Atiner, 2008, pp.101-112


Understanding schematism and the nature of schemata

Recht und Frieden in der Philosophie Kants. Akten des 10ten Internationalen Kant Kongresses, ed. V. Rohden, Berlin: de Gruyter, 2008, 539-550


Deriving the Formula of Universal Law as principle of permissible/obligatory maxims

Kant zwischen West und Ost. Zum Gedenken an Kants 200. Todestag und 280. Geburtstag, ed. Wladimir Bryushinkin, Kaliningrad: Kaliningrad University Press, 2006, Vol II, 128-136



The Essentials of Philosophy and Ethics, ed. M. Cohen, London: Hodder Arnold, 2006, pp. 151-155


Hermeneutic conditions and the possibility of objective knowledge

Philosophy, Competition and the Good Life, eds. K. Boudouris & K. Kalimtzis, Athens : Ionia Publications, 2006, pp.225-230


Entries in Continuum Companion books


Entries on: A priori, a posteriori; Antinomy; Geometry; Mathematics; Representation; Transcendental Aesthetic; Euler; The Categorical Imperative

Continuum Companion to Kant, ed. G. Banham, D. Schulting, N. Hems, 2011, London: Continuum Press, in press


Entries on: Bad Faith; Being in itself; Nothingness; Being in the World

Continuum Companion to Existentialism, ed. J. Reynolds, A. Woodward, F. Joseph, 2010, London: Continuum Press, in press


Selected reviews


        Review of Sorin Baiasu’s ‘Kant and Sartre: Rediscovering Critical Ethics’

Kantian Review, 2013, 18(2), 323-328


Review of Jens Timmermann’s (ed.) ‘Kant’s “Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals”. A Critical Guide’

Philosophical Quarterly,2011, Vol 61 (243), pp.410-412


Review of William S. Robinson’s ‘Understanding Phenomenal Consciousness’

Philosophical Psychology, 2006, Vol 19, No4, pp. 543-547


Review of Henry Allison’s ‘Kant’s Transcendental Idealism: an interpretation and defense’

Political Studies Review, 2005, Vol.3 No2, p.208


Review of ‘There’s Something About Mary: Essays on Phenomenal Consciousness and Jackson’s Knowledge Argument’

Philosophy in Review, 2005, Vol. XXV No6, pp.423-426


Review of Taylor Carman’s ‘Heidegger’s Analytic’

Philosophy in Review, 2004, Vol. XXIV No1, pp.17-19


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Hölderlin’s Philosophy

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2004


Sartre’s Existentialism

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2003

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